About Us


On October 1, 2010 the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center opened its door in downtown Hammond, and that is when the dream came alive. Visitors came from near and far, from all walks of life to play and experience memories that families long for spending quality time with their children. Families were looking for a place with no electronic devices or daily interruptions, just good old fashioned play where children are inspired to expand their imaginations, creativity and motor skills.

There are many magical moments that happen on a daily basis at the Discovery Center; just stop by for a visit and you will see what we mean.

We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, and in order for the Discovery Center to keep admissions affordable for all families in our community, your support is critical to help us continue to offer meaningful programs and continue to grow with new exhibits and maintain our existing exhibits.

We hope you will visit our center and see all the wonderful activities we offer our families, and consider supporting our efforts.

Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional environment where play and learning inspire children to embrace the world.

Vision Statement

The Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center aims to be a unique, interactive resource which offers creative opportunities for families and children to learn, play, discover and grow together.

Our Founder

Kathy Montecino, had a dream to create a safe space for families in our community to discover new ways to play. Since 2004, this has continued to be the heartbeat of the Discovery Center. The Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center provides a safe and engaging, educational environment for families to grow and learn together. Our exhibits are intentionally built to foster fun, magical play experiences while promoting motor development, problem solving skills, and imaginative thinking.

Board Members

Advisory Board

Honorary Lifetime

Elsbet Smith-Hollywood - President Freda Green Kathy Montecino
Erika Sledge - Vice President Erica Williams  
Destin Sims - Secretary Donna Miller  
Daryl Ferrara - Treasurer Nicole Dillon  
Alexis Ducorbier Peggy Hoover  
Chris Mouswaswa Emily Matise  
Ronald Genco Melanie Zaffuto  
Kali Norton Guy Recotta  
Corie Downing Dr. Elizabeth Fritz  
  Joe Thomas  
  Heather Tallo