$8.00 per person/visit ($7.00 per for Seniors)
Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm
Sun 1pm - 6pm
Closed on Mondays
Plan Your Visit

The Louisiana Children's Discovery Center is the premier children's museum on the Northshore. It is a perfect place for families with toddlers and children up to the age of 10 to learn and explore together in a safe and fun hands-on environment. To help plan your visit print out this months event calendar at the bottom of this page.

The definition of playology is the theory of and belief in the importance and power . . . of play. These powers of play make an individual’s life and world a better place, as the power of play is perfect and magnificent to all beings, regardless of age, number of legs or paws, type of fur or hair, ears, teeth, tongue, sex, color, DNA, history or heritage.

Playologists are evolved, free, positive, happy, playful beings, who relate to the world and one another in a universal language of smiles and laughter.

Mission Statement:

We at the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center are here to provide an exceptional environment where play and learning inspire children to embrace their world.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday - 10am - 6pm
Sunday - 1pm - 6pm

General Admission:
Adults - $8.24
Children (12 months - 59 years) - $8.24
0 months to 11 months - Free
Seniors (60+) - $8.24

*Admission includes unlimited play for that day. If you want to leave for lunch and come back later to play, you certainly can just keep your receipt on you for that day*

Payment Options:

The Louisiana Children's Discovery Center accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.